Selected Installation Works

Choreography of the Void (2003)

Choreography of the Void Images
Choreography of the Void Video
Choreography of the Void Design

The Choreography of the Void 2003 is a video art installation that explores landscape and embodiment in a screen based environment.

The installation uses six semi- transparent screens and two projectors and two DVD players situated at each edge projecting towards the centre. The use of the semi transparent multiple screens permits the formation of an embodiment, or three-dimensionality of the image. There is a haptic extension in the projection through the layered screens. Two spatialised sound tracks correspond to each projector, mirroring the visual fusion of the imagery which is dependent upon position of the spectator

The spatial narrative of the imagery uses the metaphor of transformative landscapes which integrate imagery of a real desolate landscape and 3D animations of a virtual landscape, moving between states of exposure and enclosure. The ecological spectator of landscape, the mobile participant, intent on walking to discover the world replaces the inert cinematic spectator through the architectural spatial eye allowing for a ‘mental intimacy’ (Aumont). The configuration of the projected moving image is intended to adapt the perceptual space, as the body is inscribed into the projections.

The performative particularities of the viewer to introject meanings and readings through variable spatial trajectories taken in the installation space render the work beyond intentionality. A virtual abridgement of space occurs through the medium of projection. The viewer can define literal space but also slip into illusionistic recesses, as boundaries dissolve to extend the space. The perception of the installation space oscillates between screen as surface and depth or immersal, through the transferral of image from screen to screen.

The installation induces sensations of floating or falling and affects sensory qualities of balance. The architectural form interacts with shifting landscapes that explore notions of situatedness and context, through the inhabitation of a threshold condition. A third image is produced in the fusion of landscape and virtual forms on the central screens. There is an inhabitation of a liminal zone as each mode of projection, real and virtual, frames the other whilst simultaneously fusing them. The void refers to the space between the screens, the space of becoming, transitional, from the darkness emerges folds of light.

see also article in Digital Creativity Vol 15 March 2004

The installation has been exhibited at RESPOND 2003 and Dance Tech in 2003 in the U.K.