Artist Statement

" Internationally exhibited digital fine artist whose hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic images explore the natural world."

My artistic practice spans mixed media, printmaking and interactive video installation. My work has been exhibited internationally, in Asia, Europe and the U.S, including an artist fellowship in Japan.
My work is inspired by the natural world, and modes of transformation. Pervading my practice is an exploration of thresholds and the perception of space. I express the fragility and transience within natural processes, in ephemeral moments of light, reflection and movement. 
In the creation of my work I use a variety of mixed media techniques fusing traditional techniques such as watercolour painting, pastel and pen and ink with modern techniques.


Recent Exhibition

Williams Art Gallery, Cambridge 12-25th July 2013

In this new body of work Joanna is inspired by the ancient isolated woodlands of West Cornwall. 
In the creation of an intuitive and personal vision of these hidden landscapes she uses a variety of innovative mixed media techniques to create multilayered textural images. 
The spirituality of these landscapes is conveyed in the poetic and mystical quality of the images. “Like a dream that slowly erases itself leaving only the traces of core feelings.”
In capturing the ephemerality of light, movement, seasonal growth and decay, the fragility of these landscapes is expressed. 
New additions to her circular series of works such as Mountain View continue the exploration of thresholds and space beyond the frame.

Previous Exhibtions